Turkish Bath

Turkish bathes are separated into five major parts: Locker-rooms, Washing rooms: Cold, Bath (hot); Warming room (heater), a Large sofa and divided pavements and around. The customers lie dawn and rest on these pavements. The washing rooms are a part of the bath to pass and enter in coldness. It is also separated into several parts: a place named the vat head where everybody washes separately, a place named the covert with closed single washing cells. As well as stones to lie over and sweat. Here is a part of the bath with marble cases and woods placed higher and having various geometric pictures. Warming room – heater is under the bath where fire burns. The flame and smoke rising from the fire passes through special paths under the marble base and the wall and exits from the chimney named tuteklik. Another distinction of the Turkish bathes is the Finnish bath based on the steam shower. In the sport world of today these bathes are availed to quickly perspire and loose much weight. In this context all types of sportsmen benefit from Turkish bathes.